How cannabis treats social distancing anxiety

In response of the accelerating pandemic, many countries have prohibited all unessential activities and requested the residents to remain at home. Worldwide, universities, schools and workplaces have gone completely online, pubs and cafés are in a lockdown situation and nursing homes are restricting the visits. Such social distancing can stop, or possibly moderate, the spread of COVID-19.

Many quarantined individuals have experienced unpleasant moods such as insomnia, stress, emotional exhaustion and mental health damage. On a sample of 2,760 quarantined people, 938 individuals, or 34 percent, reported high levels of psychological distress, which can indicate mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Human beings are social beings. People of all ages are susceptible to the ill effects of social distancing and loneliness, but there’s enormous individual variation in people’s ability to handle social isolation and stress. It’s important to remember that not everyone is going into this with the same level of mental health.

How to overcome the negative effects of social distancing?

First of all, we highly recommend activities such as indoor movement, exercise, personal development, arts and educational activities. All of the aforementioned activities are beneficial for the mental health, improving sleep, boosting mood, reducing the anxiety. Also, right now is an ideal opportunity to connect with your loved ones anytime you can. Tell them how much you care about them. While living human interaction is ideal, a call, is superior to texting, and a videochat is better than a call.

In this article we will mainly focus on how cannabis can help us in fighting the anxiety caused by the social distancing.

Cannabis is a quicker working option, in contrast to antidepressants, that invigorates the endocannabinoid framework and accelerates the development and improvement of nervous tissue with almost no problematic symptoms. This normal cure offers patients true serenity and fights worry by upgrading state of mind, giving vitality and center, soothing tension, actuating hunger, and battling sleep deprivation.

Current medicinal cannabis use is more focused, with most of licensed indications concentrating on treating pain or vomiting and nausea. Nonetheless, recreational cannabis use has for some time been related with the help of anxiety, depression and stress.

When looking at the active components of cannabis (THC and CBD), there were some fascinating outcomes. The data suggests that for the anxiety relief, cannabis high in CBD and low in THC works best.

Therapeutic utilization of cannabis in an authorized, proof based way stays a moderately ongoing development. As such, this is a field of medication that is still developing.

What are the recommended supplements for social distancing anxiety?

As mentioned above, products rich in CBD are recommended for anxiety relief. There are many ways of taking advantage of the benefits, besides smoking. Some of the most popular CBD products include creams, bath bombs, capsules, gummies and ingestible oil.

Skincare, creams and bath bombs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis plants, including hemp. This often intimidates people, but CBD is actually non-psychoactive.

All things considered, it is attached to numerous significant capacities regarding our wellbeing. CBD’s certain association with the endocannabinoid system (incredibly important, tasked with maintaining balance throughout the body) implies that it can assist you with maintaining your general wellbeing and prosperity – including that of your skin.

Obviously, you could simply utilize a CBD cream for your skin or combine the benefits of CBD with a hot bath.

Hot baths also have a number of benefits for both your mental and physical health. They can improve blood flow, clear the sinuses, and encourage mental wellbeing by reducing stress.

Joy Organics x4 Bath Bombs 25mg CBD

Ingestible oils and capsules

It’s believed that pure hemp oil concentrates are a good way to add a large number of cannabinoids to your daily routine.

To use a tincture, you drop it under the tongue in a method known as sublingual administration. After holding for about 30 seconds, the oil can be swallowed. This method is exceptionally fast-acting and effective. Note that the taste of CBD oil can be strong and bitter.

BioBloom Organic CBD Hemp Drops 6% 10ml

If you have anxiety, CBD capsules can help ease your symptoms. Not only does it have no danger of overdoses, but CBD also has fewer side effects than traditionally prescribed psychiatric medications, such as benzodiazepines.

Sensi Seeds CBD Capsules 10mg

Gummies and edibles

The primary difference between edibles and oils is the length of time the CBD takes to kick in. With an oil, you are looking at around 15 minutes before you can notice the effects of CBD working on your system. With an edible, the timeframe is usually much longer.

Edibles are broken down slowly in the digestive system. The CBD is released gradually over a more extended period of time. You get to experience the effects for longer.


CBDFx Turmeric x Spirulina Gummies

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The top 10 cannabis strains for indoor outdoor cultivation in 2020

Since the outdoor season is coming and new strains are available in 2020, here at globalcannah, we want to put them in the spotlight and give growers some of the best buds they can get! In this article we will present the top 10 cannabis strains for indoor and outdoor cultivation. There are some classics, some new strains and of course categorized by their genetics! We will cover Indica strains, Sativa strains and Hybrid strains so all tastes will be covered!

With this article we try to provide our readers with some of the top cannabis strains in 2020 from our trusted partner! Those strains are popular and also have genetics of top shelf strains with amazing terpene profiles! This article is part of a series of articles that aim to promote new developments in terms of cannabis strains! Check out our review of cannabis strains suitable for anxiety and depression!

This article is split in three categories: Indica dominant, Sativa dominant and Hybrids!

Indica Strains

For the indica section, we have 3 beautiful strains, all of them feminized: Sensi Skunk, Hindu Kush and Purple Bud!

Sensi Skunk Feminized
Hindu Kush Feminized
Purple Bud Feminized

Sensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk Feminized cannabis seeds show how easy and affordable growing cannabis can be. Its citrus aroma differentiates it from other skunk strains. retaining the strong growth shape and high yields typical of Skunk.

Yes, these seeds also have a sativa part, but at its heart it’s a plant with typical indica attributes. Like its relatives, these seeds thrive both indoors under artificial light and outside in moderate climates. The short flowering time, robust nature and thickly structured, strong buds are all reasons why this strain is so popular. It’s never been easier to grow high-quality Skunk plants at such an affordable price! Like the majority of indica varieties, this cannabis strain is ideal for a Sea of Green (SOG). Growers who like a heavy, central cola, can try the Lollipopping method.

Sensi Skunk is a multi-award-winning cannabis strain. It took second place at the Copa de la Marihuana 2007.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Feminized is a classic, pure indica with robust nature, compact growth and short flowering time (45 to 50 days). Also suitable for novices.

This original, pure indica comes from the Hindu Kush, a remote mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This classic variety owes a number of attributes that are beneficial to growers to its origins in the mountains. Hindu Kush Feminized cannabis seeds produce plants with compact growth, a short flowering time (45 to 50 days) and medium yields. In the right hands, or given a longer growth phase, yields could be even higher. Grown in a moderate climate and given a long summer, the plants reach impressive heights.

According to “High Times” magazine, Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds is one of the best 25 cannabis strains of all time.

Purple Bud

Purple Bud Feminized is a strain that produces mostly purple-flowering plants. The strain is a indica dominant hybrid of Dutch-bred Hindu Kush, Afghan-Jamaican, and Californian purple Kush. 

It’s easy to cultivate indoors or out, even in cold climates with summers that end quickly.  White Label’s Purple Bud Feminized cannabis seeds have been developed from the Hindu Kush range, which includes some of the most prized indica strains in the world. The plants are typically indica in growth structure, with sturdy, short stems and branches.

Purple Bud Feminized grows well indoors, and the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) methods are both good options during cultivation. The plants also respond well to topping, which creates multiple main stems and colas. It can be grown outside, in temperate and continental climates. When planted in early spring, in free soil, Purple Bud Feminized is capable of achieving considerable heights for a ‘compact’ plant, and is likely to produce an excellent harvest.

Sativa Strains

For the Sativa Strains section we selected also 3 Feminized strains! The strains are combining old one with new ones: Durban, White Gorilla Haze and Jamaican Pearl!

White Gorilla Haze
Jamaican Pearl


Durban Feminized is one of Sensi Seeds’ purest outdoor sativa strains. Its genetics originate from South Africa.   It’s an adaptable plant that can be cultivated in any location that offers from 8 to 12 hours of sunlight a day during the normal growing season. We created Durban Feminized cannabis seeds to produce a perfect outdoor sativa for growers of all experience levels. It’s quick, mould-resistant, and a great yielder, even in a disappointing summer!

Durban Poison is one of Africa’s most well-known cannabis strains. Durban Feminized produces distinctively sweet aromas and flavours, with strong top notes of citrus and aniseed. Plants with darker leaves often have an earthier, warmer scent while they’re flowering, which subtly shifts to coffee, sandalwood or even chocolate.

White Gorilla Haze

White Gorilla Haze brings together the world-class resin production of Gorilla Glue and the dreamy, soaring high of the finest Haze strains. This mostly-Sativa hybrid is fast-growing and productive with a shorter flowering time than its Haze pedigree might suggest. White Gorilla Haze feminized cannabis seeds by White Label were created through a three-way fusion of Amnesia Haze, the all-time great Silver Haze and the 50/50 Sativa-Indica hybrid from California known as Gorilla Glue.

This strain can be grown either outdoors or indoors! In a hot, sunny Mediterranean climate, this strain can produce huge yields outdoors, as long as the local climate remains favorable throughout October. Indoors the seeds can reach full resin and yield production. The flavour profile of this strain, which remains subtle throughout cultivation and drying, is released when buds are broken up – a sharp Haze undercurrent with notes of coffee, pine and citrus.

Jamaican Pearl

With its fruity flavour and mood-lifting effect, Jamaican Pearl Feminized guarantees a good mood. Recreate the Caribbean in your lounge with this cannabis strain! This is one of the few tropical sativas that also thrives in cool climates.

Jamaican Pearl has its origins in a Sensi Seeds breeding programme which focused on tropical sativas. We have crossbred dozens of cannabis strains to get a Jamaica weed that will grow in northern climates, and even finish flowering in a rainy Dutch summer. Jamaican Pearl is a hybrid between Marley’s Collie and Early Pearl with a sativa content of 85%. It twice took the top prize at the prestigious Highlife Festival.

The strain has great results outdoors, but it can also be grown indoors! It just tends to get a bit to high so certain growing techniques can be helpful!

Hybrid Strains

The Hybrid Strains section has some golden ones! We kept the best for the end, and we hoped you are still here! The Hybrid Strains are: Black Harlequin, Guava Jelly and Girl Scout Cookies!

Black Harlequin
Guava Jelly
Girl Scout Cookies

Black Harlequin

Black Harlequin Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid.  Its formidable genetic pool includes our own Black Domina, a Cannabis Cup-winner; and Harlequin, a strong CBD strain from the USA.

With a THC / CBD ratio of 1:1, this high CBD content is noticeable in the effect, and the influence of the parent plants can be detected in the aroma and taste. The scent and flavour of the buds are woody and earthy, with a hint of floral lightness. The strain can be grown successfully in both temperate and continental climates, and also does very well when cultivated indoors, at any time of the year.

Guava Jelly

Guava Jelly buds are a colourful, sweet-smelling treat for the senses even before they’re consumed.  It is a vigorous strain and can deal with outdoor conditions, though it may require support from stakes or a trellis as its relatively slender branches may be weighed down by buds at the end of the summer.

The height of Guava Jelly can be easily controlled indoors by flowering plants quite small. As this strain will generally triple its height in the flowering stage, clones can be put into flower at 20cm to 30cm in order to achieve a final height under 1m. White Label Guava Jelly imparts a hugely powerful high from both its Indica and Sativa background. The first feeling reported by most users is a warm, positive body feeling inherited from its Kush and Skunk ancestry. This immediate effect is soon enhanced by the uplifting, energetic, electric high of Guava Jelly’s Sativa side.

Girl Scout Cookies

All of the parent plants in this strain’s background are noted for being tough, low-maintenance, productive varieties with high THC content. White Label Girl Scout Cookies retains all these qualities making it an easy cannabis seed-strain for novices and an ideal choice for more experienced growers who can bring it to its full, impressive potential. 

The potent Kush background and higher CBD production of Girl Scout Cookies makes it a popular strain in US dispensaries. Many users seek it out for more robust medicinal effects such as pain relief, appetite stimulation and combating nausea. Recreational users value GSC for both its total-body relaxation and stimulating, talkative Sativa high.

Outdoor and greenhouse-grown plants can easily reach 200 or 250cm in height by their October harvest time. Indoors, cuttings can be flowered at around 30-40cm in order to attain a final height of 100cm. 

With all this being said, I guess now you have your options for the 2020 cultivation! Pick carefully, and give special attention to those plants and they will deliver quality buds for you, your family and friends!

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Best CBD products for better sleep

Many people from our audience wonder which CBD products are the best for better sleep. Most of those people are in need for an alternative to Valium or other traditional medication that is prescribed nowadays. The reason for this is that those “traditional” medication comes with several side effects. Besides that, it’s a long, expensive and sometimes addictive process. Here at Cannah CBD we tried to come up with a combination of CBD products that help with sleeping disorders!

We don’t like ugly and addictive side effects!

Joy Organics SoftGels with Melatonin and CBD for better sleep

CBD has several benefits in providing relaxation and a better sleep. Combining it with melatonin to produce a kick-ass natural alternative to Valium was the go-to. For those who missed the biology class, melatonin is an hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is usually released by the pineal gland but some people might get an unbalance. Artificial light from computers are main sources for decreasing the amount of melatonin ou pineal gland releases.

By combining melatonin with CBD resulted in one of the best CBD products for better sleep. Our partners at Joy Organics designed the Soft gel pills with CBD and Melatonin. They support relaxation and healthy sleep. Each convenient soft gel combines our proprietary water-soluble nanoemulsion technology with melatonin, helping you find predictable and restful sleep.

Each Soft Gel Capsule with Melatonin contains 25 mg of CBD and 1 mg of melatonin.

Our normal CBD capsule line is best suitable for daytime use. On the other hand, the CBD Soft Gels with Melatonin make the perfect CBD product for better sleep!

With 30 softgels in each package, and being Full Spectrum, they also contain terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Taking the experience to the next level!

The second products from the Joy Organics catalog, are the CBD Bath Bombs! After using one Soft Gel with melatonin or even without them, the bath bombs are perfect addition. They are good for relaxing and preparing the body for a perfect night of sleep!

The CBD Bath Bombs support and encourage relaxation. Infused with aromatic lavender oil, each bath bomb contains 25mg of CBD. The pack of four bombs is designed to help you unwind after a long day or simply as a treat. Bath time is bliss again!

This is the perfect combination with the Melatonin Soft Gels with CBD for a better sleep. The hot water bath plus the bath bombs and the soft gels will induce a deep and recovering sleep! After using it for two to four weeks your sleeping cycle will get back on it’s track!

Other methods for a better sleep

Along with the hot bath and the soft gels some other things might also help:

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Less napping
  • Avoiding alcohol or nicotine
  • Getting up and trying again
  • Light
  • Fixing a regular sleep cycle

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Best CBD strains for anxiety and depression

Since some people prefer to grow their own plants either for smoking or for making oil, new CBD strains are appearing continuously. Here at Cannah CBD we tought of sharing with you our favourite high CBD strains that are suitable for anxiety, depression and even taking a break or quit THC. In this article, we chosen the best CBD strains for anxiety and depression provided by Sensi Seeds from Amsterdam! Firstly, we will have a section about cannabis seeds with minimal THC content and high CBD. Secondly, other cannabis strains bred by Sensi Seeds that still contain CBD but also THC will be presented!

So roll one and let’s get to it!

CBD Strains with Minimal THC

For this section we chose one Autoflowering strain and a normal one, both feminized! First one is the Alpine Delight CBD Automatic a hybrid strain which comes from Swiss Dream and Skunk #1. The second one is the Skunk Dream CBD, also a hybrid, coming from Sensi Skunk and Apline Delight CBD and it’s a normal feminized seed.

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic
Skunk Dream CBD

Depending on the place where you are and how you plan on growing, these two strains offer huge yields.

Skunk Dream has a more floral taste and the effect is deeply relaxing, both physically and mentally. A major draw of Skunk Dream CBD Feminized is the generous yields. When cultivated indoors, growers can obtain up to 550 to 600 g per square metre. Outside, if given unlimited root space, the harvest can reach 800 g per plant.

For the Alpine Delight, the taste is skunky, sweet and spicy, and the effect is relaxing and subtle, without inducing couch-lock. The seeds are autoflowering. This is an advantage for novice growers, as it means that the plants enter their flowering stage at a defined point in their growth, instead of being influenced by light cycles. The autoflowering trait means more predictability, making them easier to care for. 

If you are looking to enjoy the pleasant flavor of the cannabis buds without the psychoactive effects those strains are what you are looking for! They can be perfect aid for sleep, anxiety and quitting THC!

THC/CBD Strains

This section aims at people who still like to enjoy the recreational and medicinal effects of THC in combination with CBD. The Cannah CBD Team endorses the use of balanced cannabis strains! Thanks to the Sensi Seeds Bank today we can present two cannabis strains that get the best of best worlds! In the left corner, we have Black Harlequin, and in the right corner we have Satin Black Domina CBD. Both are Feminized, with average height and XXL yields! While the Black Harlequin has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, the Satin Black Domina CBD has 2:1.

Satin Black Domina CBD
Black Harlequin

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid with CBD genetics. This CBD influence is evident in the resulting effect, though the scent and taste are more in-line with the parent plant, Black Domina.

Upon consumption, users report a sense of pleasant relaxation, combined with a hint of uplift and creativity. The aroma of the plants is peppery and fruity, with a hint of hashish. This usually grows in strength as they near harvest-time, and carries through to the taste, when the earthy Afghan tones come to the foreground.

Black Harlequin Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid, with a THC / CBD ratio of 1:1. This high CBD content is noticeable in the effect, and the influence of the parent plants can be detected in the aroma and taste.

After consumption, users often report a welcome sense of relaxation, both of the body and mind. Thanks to the CBD levels, it’s also balanced and relatively gentle

Satin Black Domina CBD
Black Harlequin

Best use for the harvest

While a big majority of us prefer to still smoke our final products, there are many other uses for it. Smoking can be damaging for the lungs and the immunity system so other ways of consuming are much better. The dried buds can be used to make concentrates, oils, edibles and even to vaporize! The CBD strains are perfect for making home-made CBD Oil or other CBD products. The THC/CBD strains can be perfect for recreational use without too much psychoactive effect. The balance bring an unique high that is more clear which make those strains perfect for a busy day! Both categories are good for reducing pain but also have beneficial effects for people that suffer from anxiety and depression.

The several uses of the harvest:

1. Ingestible Oils

2. Edibles

3. Concentrated Paste

4. E-liquid

5. Rosin

6. Straight Buds

7. Tea and butter from leftovers

We invite you guys to try those strains and dip your fingers into indoor and outdoor growing! Cultivating cannabis can also have therapeutic effects and it is an enjoyable hobby or job! Stay tuned for more articles/ strain reviews and follow us on Facebook!

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CBD Oil for cancer treatment: Is it working?

There are a lot of studies showing that cannabinoids have anti-tumoral properties and that they might help cancer patients. Previous findings represent the usage of more cannabinoids not just only CBD (but cannabis oil). For example, in Canada, the medicine Sativex(1:1 THC:CBD ratio cannabis extract) is in Canada for relief of pain in advanced cancer and multiple screlosis. Information about CBD Oil for cancer treatment still needs research to reach a conclusion.

With all the studies about cannabinoids helping cancer patients, it is not an alternative cure. CBD Oil alone cannot treat cancer! It might only be useful for people that have to withstand a lot of chemotherapy. They might need alternative painkillers and find ways on how to use CBD oil for cancer.

CBD a complemental treatment

A number of side effects can appear due to radiation and chemotherapy, such as pain, nausea and vomiting.

Scientifical studies suggest that cannabinoids can alliviate pain, nausea and increase appetite.

Even though there are no CBD only medicine approved by the FDA for chemo side effects, there is one approvd for a severe form of epilepsy. Two medicine which contain THC have uses in treating nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Dronabinol comes in capsules and Nabilone is an oral synthetic cannabinoid similar to THC.

Another medicine is Nabiximols which is a cannabinoid drug that is approved in Canada and Europe. It is a mouth spray from full spectrum extract with THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio. It helps with treating pain linked to cancer and muscle spasms and pain from multiple screlosis.

If you are thining of smoking marijuana flowers (buds) with CBD or THC it is best to talk to your doctor about it. Smoking is not healthy and might not be advised if other conditions are already present.CBD and other cannabinoids are available in many variations, such as vapes, oils, sprays, balms and capsules. Also in gummies, coffe, tea and other CBD edibles.

CBD Side Effects

Even though CBD is safe to use it can have several side effects like appetite change, diarrhea, tiredness and weight changes.

CBD interferes with the liver enzymes that help metabolize certain medication and using CBD oil for cancer treatment can interfere with other medicine.

If you are under treatment for a form of cancer keep in mind that substances can interact with the treatment you already have. CBD and other cannabinoids might affect you in a negative way so it is better to consult a doctor about it!


There is a need for more research to be able to say if CBD helps cancer patients. Meanwhile some of them already started using CBD and it is important to have a reputable source for it which lab tests all the batches of their products. Online sellers sometimes tend to be inprecise about the dosing of CBD in their products. It is also interesting to see how medicines like Nabiximols, Dronabinol and Nabilone will affect the patients that use it and what other uses can CBD have for ill people!

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