First baby in the world to join cannabis therapy trial (UK)

A baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section at a Norwich hospital in March. The same baby became the first baby to join a cannabis treatment trial. The trial aiming at finding out if cannabis medicine are efficient in helping babies at risk of seizures and brain injury.

Oscar Parodi, was born, on 11 March in Norfolk, and encountered difficulties. “The baby was diagnosed with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a condition caused by a lack of oxygen or blood flow from the placenta to the developing baby.” He was then transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit, where he received cooling therapy for 72 hours.

What is HIE and the cooling treatment?

Cooling therapy is the only treatment for HIE in conventional medicine. Researchers believe that medicinal cannabis can be beneficial as protection. It might be useful for babies that are suffering from bran injury or seizures.

Babies that are diagnosed with HIE have higher risks of brain injury. Oscar’s mother was happy to participate in the trial program at the hospital. She accepted because it is a way to perfect cannabis derived medicine and do the most she can for her son. Also to see if it is efficient in dealing with neonatal care in babies with seizures and brain injury.

“Participating patients will be given a dose of either the trial medication, or a placebo, as soon as possible following birth. In addition, the babies also receive routine HIE cooling therapy to bring their body temperature down to 33.5C.”

“This is the first time a cannabis-derived medicine has been tested intravenously in human babies. It is hoped that it will be good for preventing seizures and protecting the brains of newborn babies with HIE.” said Prof Paul Clarke, a consultant neonatologist at NNUH, to The Guardian.

“We have always had good support from families wanting to take part in research on our [unit] and they often do it from an altruistic point of view to help benefit future babies. One of the attractions of this trial for parents is the closer brain monitoring babies get as part of the study, because a more advanced brainwave monitor is used for the trial babies. This gives parents more reassurance that any seizures will be picked up.”

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The clinical trial is progressing

Along with Oscar, there is another baby that was born in April which is participating in the trial too. The babies that participate are receiving the standard cooling therapy. Along with that, a single dose of the study drug or placebo followed by blood tests. Babies that are taking part in the trial receive only a 30th of the usual dose to minimize the risks. Furthermore, a single dose or a placebo was gave to them as soon as possible withing 12 hours of birth.

The producing process of the drug is under controlled conditions to ensure that the amount of THC, the psychoactive substance, is minimal.

Prof. Paul Clarke concluded saying: “As with any study of a new medicine there may be unexpected side effects and unknown risks. With this in mind the trial has been carefully designed to make it as safe as possible, and so we are only giving the babies a minuscule dose at the beginning, and we monitor them even more closely than usual.”

Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis: How to grow it at home

Cannabis, weed, marijuana, ganja or however you want to call it, is becoming really popular. So why not grow weed at home? The benefits of this plant are in high demand, especially during such stressful times . Of course, in many countries it is illegal to consume or grow cannabis. We do not recommend growing weed at home or consuming cannabis in any country that has laws against it! This article is an informative piece for anybody who lives in a country where growing cannabis is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes.

More patients and people that consume marijuana are thinking to grow weed at home. This offers them the possibility to reduce their costs along with gaining a new hobby! While cannabis cultivation can be fun it can also teach people about gardening and more about the weed they are consuming. Furthermore, since the cannabis industry is growing rapidly, it can be an introduction to a career in industrial cannabis farming.

Many rookie growers find the experience positively surprising! Unfortunately, sometimes they get less qualitative product at the end due to the lack of proper information. Growing a cannabis plant has several stages and different strains have different characteristics. Some strains are easier to grow than others. On this website, we will try to cover most of the phases of the cultivation!

What is needed to start cultivating cannabis?

The essential conditions that a marijuana plant needs are:

  • Light (certain spectrum, intensity and duration)
  • Water (should be always there but not in excess)
  • Air (ideal temperature and air flow)
  • Nutrients (in right amounts)
  • A growing medium
  • Optimal conditions (heat, humidity, etc.)
  • If grown outdoor you need strains that match the environmental conditions

Growing cannabis at home can give you the possibility to choose certain strains to achieve the exact high that you want. Furthermore, because you will be growing much less plants than an industrial facility, you will be able to take much better care of the plants. That is of course if following certain growing techniques. Because the plants are resistant any grower will get results if they don’t kill the plant. But in order to get quality buds, special care of the plants in each of the phases is required. Also, if you fall in love with one strain, you can stick with it and become a pro!

Our article about choosing cannabis strains

The plant is valued for the psychoactive and therapeutic effects that mostly come from cannabinoids interacting with the endocannabinoid system. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the high, CBD for amplifying but also reducing some effects of THC. CBD is therapeutic, even more when it is together with THC. Cannabis can be used in many ways, the most popular being smoking. While smoking cannabis can be a fashionable way to consume, it is also the most unhealthy.

Growing weed indoors

Indoor cultivation is becoming more and more advanced, giving people the opportunity to learn how to grow weed at home! The benefit that come with growing your cannabis indoor is the control over the environment. By ensuring good conditions for the plant and being able to control all the variables gives a lot of customization in growing the plant. This way you can ensure that your get the exact kind of buds you like. The indoor setup shelters the plants much more than growing them outside. Furthermore, controlling the humidity, temperature and lights ensures the best quality of plants. The opinion of many growers is that indoor you can get much prettier and stronger buds than outside with less effort.

There is also a down side to growing marijuana indoors. Natural sunlight is the best source of light that plants can get. The lights used inside are strong but not getting even close to the sun. The lack of ventilation can generate heat and not enough fresh air. Because of the lack of space plants won’t grow the same way like outside. Outside of that, indoor growing requires a lot of equipment and experience with the plants.

Growing weed outdoors

Marijuana Weed Cannabis - Free photo on Pixabay

Outside many of the costs that appear for an indoor grow disappear. The plants will be using light straight from the Sun which is the best source and it’s free. Growing outside tends to take more time because of the season. Also you don’t need to take care of ventilation and space anymore because outside it is plenty.

The original way is to grow marijuana outside. By doing so, many of the costs that appear for an indoor grow are not present. Plants are able to use the light from the sun with is the best source and also free. Due to longer photoperiod of seasons, it takes a bit longer for the plants to bloom compared to growing inside. Another advantage of growing outside is that the grower doesn’t need to take care of ventilation and there is more space for the plants. By having more space and light and nutrients from the soil, outdoor plants will produce way more flowers than indoors.

Along with longer annual harvest there are more disadvantages in growing outside. It is difficult to have privacy and to protect your plants outside. Furthermore, because they are outside they can be pollinated by wild pollen making it difficult to get new breeds or avoid seeds. There are also many pests that would not appear in a indoor cultivation. There is a limitation in growing only in soil, which can be avoided by growing in a greenhouse that is a combination between indoor and outdoor cultivation.

To conclude, indoors you get lower yields but better quality, while outdoors you get huge yields but less qualitative due to lack of environment control.

The phases of a cannabis plant

There are several phases involved in growing cannabis:

Germination of the seed or obtaining a clone -> Vegetative growth -> Pre-flowering stage -> Flowering -> Cutting and trimming -> Drying -> Curing

After a choice has been done regarding where the weed will be grown, many other questions appear. We set up a guide in how to decide what strains suit you! Furthermore, our next article will look into soil medium, share details about them and compare them. We are also aiming to give details about the different growing phases and how to grow weed at home. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!