Best CBD strains for anxiety and depression

Since some people prefer to grow their own plants either for smoking or for making oil, new CBD strains are appearing continuously. Here at Cannah CBD we tought of sharing with you our favourite high CBD strains that are suitable for anxiety, depression and even taking a break or quit THC. In this article, we chosen the best CBD strains for anxiety and depression provided by Sensi Seeds from Amsterdam! Firstly, we will have a section about cannabis seeds with minimal THC content and high CBD. Secondly, other cannabis strains bred by Sensi Seeds that still contain CBD but also THC will be presented!

So roll one and let’s get to it!

CBD Strains with Minimal THC

For this section we chose one Autoflowering strain and a normal one, both feminized! First one is the Alpine Delight CBD Automatic a hybrid strain which comes from Swiss Dream and Skunk #1. The second one is the Skunk Dream CBD, also a hybrid, coming from Sensi Skunk and Apline Delight CBD and it’s a normal feminized seed.

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic
Skunk Dream CBD

Depending on the place where you are and how you plan on growing, these two strains offer huge yields.

Skunk Dream has a more floral taste and the effect is deeply relaxing, both physically and mentally. A major draw of Skunk Dream CBD Feminized is the generous yields. When cultivated indoors, growers can obtain up to 550 to 600 g per square metre. Outside, if given unlimited root space, the harvest can reach 800 g per plant.

For the Alpine Delight, the taste is skunky, sweet and spicy, and the effect is relaxing and subtle, without inducing couch-lock. The seeds are autoflowering. This is an advantage for novice growers, as it means that the plants enter their flowering stage at a defined point in their growth, instead of being influenced by light cycles. The autoflowering trait means more predictability, making them easier to care for. 

If you are looking to enjoy the pleasant flavor of the cannabis buds without the psychoactive effects those strains are what you are looking for! They can be perfect aid for sleep, anxiety and quitting THC!

THC/CBD Strains

This section aims at people who still like to enjoy the recreational and medicinal effects of THC in combination with CBD. The Cannah CBD Team endorses the use of balanced cannabis strains! Thanks to the Sensi Seeds Bank today we can present two cannabis strains that get the best of best worlds! In the left corner, we have Black Harlequin, and in the right corner we have Satin Black Domina CBD. Both are Feminized, with average height and XXL yields! While the Black Harlequin has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, the Satin Black Domina CBD has 2:1.

Satin Black Domina CBD
Black Harlequin

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid with CBD genetics. This CBD influence is evident in the resulting effect, though the scent and taste are more in-line with the parent plant, Black Domina.

Upon consumption, users report a sense of pleasant relaxation, combined with a hint of uplift and creativity. The aroma of the plants is peppery and fruity, with a hint of hashish. This usually grows in strength as they near harvest-time, and carries through to the taste, when the earthy Afghan tones come to the foreground.

Black Harlequin Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid, with a THC / CBD ratio of 1:1. This high CBD content is noticeable in the effect, and the influence of the parent plants can be detected in the aroma and taste.

After consumption, users often report a welcome sense of relaxation, both of the body and mind. Thanks to the CBD levels, it’s also balanced and relatively gentle

Satin Black Domina CBD
Black Harlequin

Best use for the harvest

While a big majority of us prefer to still smoke our final products, there are many other uses for it. Smoking can be damaging for the lungs and the immunity system so other ways of consuming are much better. The dried buds can be used to make concentrates, oils, edibles and even to vaporize! The CBD strains are perfect for making home-made CBD Oil or other CBD products. The THC/CBD strains can be perfect for recreational use without too much psychoactive effect. The balance bring an unique high that is more clear which make those strains perfect for a busy day! Both categories are good for reducing pain but also have beneficial effects for people that suffer from anxiety and depression.

The several uses of the harvest:

1. Ingestible Oils

2. Edibles

3. Concentrated Paste

4. E-liquid

5. Rosin

6. Straight Buds

7. Tea and butter from leftovers

We invite you guys to try those strains and dip your fingers into indoor and outdoor growing! Cultivating cannabis can also have therapeutic effects and it is an enjoyable hobby or job! Stay tuned for more articles/ strain reviews and follow us on Facebook!

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