Cannah CBD Shop is an official partner of Sensi Seeds and Seedsman, two of the most prolific cannabis seed banks, in order to provide the best range of CBD products and cannabis seeds. The products are available for a affordable price! Our CBD Shop offers Oil, Capsules, Gummies and Paste. Furthermore, we also provide a range of cannabis seeds with high CBD profile! aim is to provide everybody qualitative CBD products in different form that suit all tastes. Through our shop we promote only lab tested products. All the products available in our shop have good reviews around the internet and people around the world use them! Through the blog we try to inform people about the effects of CBD and how you can use it to improve certain aspects of your life! Remember, CBD is not a miraculous cure, it is just an supplement that can give wonderful results if used correctly!

Our products contain only a negligible amount of THC it is certain that NO high will be present and also keep police away! The CBD inside most of the products is an extract from industrial hemp which develops a high percentage of CBD and really small percentage of THC. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and is legal in the UK. A recent report carried out by the World Health Organisation declared CBD to be well tolerated and safe in humans.

Information about the use of CBD, and the different conditions that it can be beneficial for, can be found on our Blog! The products that we promote are not medicine but a supplement and they do not heal or cure diseases alone! In addition to that, if the customer suffers from severe conditions it is advised to consult a doctor! CBD can interfere with other medicine!


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CBDFx Turmeric x Spirulina Gummies
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