CBD Oil for cancer treatment: Is it working?

There are a lot of studies showing that cannabinoids have anti-tumoral properties and that they might help cancer patients. Previous findings represent the usage of more cannabinoids not just only CBD (but cannabis oil). For example, in Canada, the medicine Sativex(1:1 THC:CBD ratio cannabis extract) is in Canada for relief of pain in advanced cancer and multiple screlosis. Information about CBD Oil for cancer treatment still needs research to reach a conclusion.

With all the studies about cannabinoids helping cancer patients, it is not an alternative cure. CBD Oil alone cannot treat cancer! It might only be useful for people that have to withstand a lot of chemotherapy. They might need alternative painkillers and find ways on how to use CBD oil for cancer.

CBD a complemental treatment

A number of side effects can appear due to radiation and chemotherapy, such as pain, nausea and vomiting.

Scientifical studies suggest that cannabinoids can alliviate pain, nausea and increase appetite.

Even though there are no CBD only medicine approved by the FDA for chemo side effects, there is one approvd for a severe form of epilepsy. Two medicine which contain THC have uses in treating nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Dronabinol comes in capsules and Nabilone is an oral synthetic cannabinoid similar to THC.

Another medicine is Nabiximols which is a cannabinoid drug that is approved in Canada and Europe. It is a mouth spray from full spectrum extract with THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio. It helps with treating pain linked to cancer and muscle spasms and pain from multiple screlosis.

If you are thining of smoking marijuana flowers (buds) with CBD or THC it is best to talk to your doctor about it. Smoking is not healthy and might not be advised if other conditions are already present.CBD and other cannabinoids are available in many variations, such as vapes, oils, sprays, balms and capsules. Also in gummies, coffe, tea and other CBD edibles.

CBD Side Effects

Even though CBD is safe to use it can have several side effects like appetite change, diarrhea, tiredness and weight changes.

CBD interferes with the liver enzymes that help metabolize certain medication and using CBD oil for cancer treatment can interfere with other medicine.

If you are under treatment for a form of cancer keep in mind that substances can interact with the treatment you already have. CBD and other cannabinoids might affect you in a negative way so it is better to consult a doctor about it!


There is a need for more research to be able to say if CBD helps cancer patients. Meanwhile some of them already started using CBD and it is important to have a reputable source for it which lab tests all the batches of their products. Online sellers sometimes tend to be inprecise about the dosing of CBD in their products. It is also interesting to see how medicines like Nabiximols, Dronabinol and Nabilone will affect the patients that use it and what other uses can CBD have for ill people!

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