CBD infused drinks are investgated by The Coca-Cola Company

Cannabidiol (CBD) is drawing in a legitimate interest from huge corporate companies. The American Coca-Cola Company has recently mentioned that they are reviewing the advancement of CBD infused drinks. Maybe there is a posibility for a CBD Coca-Cola beverage?

CBD could be the eventual fate of “wellbeing drinks”

In an official statement from Coca Cola, an official mentions that they are “considering a move into the market in order to use CBD as an ingredient in “wellness” products”. While CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant and has no intoxicating effect. Furthermore it’s use for a number of medical purposes. “This sector is changing rapidly but no decision has yet been made”. Even though the decision has not been taken, there is some interest for the CBD infused Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola’s announcement comes as a response. Reports referencing talks among them and the Canadian company Aurora Cannabis to make drinks mixed with cannabidiol (CBD) were previously made. Coca-Cola accentuates that they are “not inspired by cannabis” but by CBD, which is the non euphoric part of the plant.

hemp plant

Manufacturers are expecting legalization!

The cannabis plant is producing a new phenomenon among the big stakeholders of the cousine business, a significant number of them wagering that pot will be legalized in numerous countries around the world in the coming years. Cannabis use is already legal in Canada, Jamaica, Uruguay, The Netherlands and other coutries and states in the USA.

Even Constellation Brands (!) the owner of Corona lagers, Modelo lagers, and Svedka vodka, as of late put a few billion USD in the Canadian organization Canopy Growth.

Coca-Cola and Constellation Brands enthusiasm for the cannabis business is simply one more sign and huge advance for the industry. The acknowledgment of the plant and it’s future as a legal item in the market can be improved this way. Maybe in the future we will be able to see a CBD infused Coca-Cola beverage.

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