NFL Negotiation to End Cannabis Suspensions

Great news for the National Football League players! The players might soon be able to use the herb for their pain relief and recreationally. There will be less NFL cannabis suspensions and the policy would become less strict. Team owners approve the agreement so it was shown to players on Thursday. The NFL Players association still needs to respond to it.

If the agreement is going to be succesful, the drug policy of the league would face changes for the use of cannabis. The penalties for testing positive for THC, like suspensions, would reduce drastically, according to the CBA Fact Sheet.

Decreased penalties and less NFL cannabis suspensions

The new agreement would increase the limit for THC metabolites in a drug test from 35 ng/L to 150 ng/L. It would also reduce the window during which players may receive a test from four months to two weeks. This would lead to less penalties and NFL cannabis suspensions happening only for extreme events and repetead disregard of the rules.

In the agreement there are mentions of an increase in the minimum salaries and benefits for active and retired players. An announcement on last Thursday from the league, confirms that the owners were positive with the agreement at a meeting in New York City.

Player Union still to decide

Several conference calls in recent week between the members of the Players Union to decide if they should continue with the agreement. If they don’t take a stand soon it could mean another year with strict penalties. Two thirds of the members have to agree to the proposal prior to the start of the new year on March 18.

“We shall see now if the players do approve the proposal,” Garafolo said Thursday. “There is no word on a timeline, but it seems like from this statement and from what we heard, that the owners believe that this will be the final offer until we go forward to next year if the players do not approve this current proposal.” (Source)

The Major League of Baseball has also mentioned in December that they are planing to remove cannabis from the list of prohibited substances for players.

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