Learn about anxiety, stress & medicinal cannabis!

Talking about stress and anxiety and how we can cope with them is a very relevant subject. We wanted to see the how medicinal cannabis affects people that suffer from stress and anxiety.

What do we already know?

While checking on the internet we realized that the results differ from case to case. For some people it reduces the stress and helps in coping with a certain level on anxiety. But high THC can sometimes also induce anxiety ad paranoia in some people. In order to get better results it is important to know what cannabinoids are present and in what quantity and which ones help for the certain condition. There is a need for patients to understand the effects of different compounds in order to properly use the plant. For some people it is wiser to use just CBD without THC. For others it is better when they combine CBD with a smaller amount of THC . There are also people that simply do not feel any difference and cannabis it’s probably just not working with their body.

Want to find out more about anxiety, stress & medicinal cannabis?

Next Wednesday (11 November, 2020) you can join a live Webinar hosted by Marc Matoza with Zack Swan as a guest! This is part of the Medicinal Marijuana Awareness Program and it will be an opportunity for interested people to find more information and ask questions.

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